These buttery pull-apart rolls are perfect for any occasion! Not only are they easy to make, but they’re fun to eat. Kids and adults alike will love these!

Buttery Pull-Apart Rolls |

If you’re anything like me, you have to have homemade rolls for Thanksgiving, and they have to be good! I may not be a pro when it comes to bread making, but rolls, they’re a different story. I’ve got a variety of recipes here on the blog and they’re all amazing. This year I thought I’d share a recent favorite. We tried these rolls once and were immediately hooked (and made them twice since then)! They’re buttery, crisp on the edges and ultra soft in the centers. Everyone loved that you could pull them apart and enjoy them one layer at a time. My kids went nuts!

Buttery Pull-Apart Rolls |

I found this recipe in one of my America’s Test Kitchen magazines and slightly altered the method. Everything came out tasting even better than I had expected. And for those of you wondering, they’re not difficult to make. If you can make round dinner rolls or shape crescent rolls, you can definitely make these!


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