Thick, creamy loaded potato soup topped with all the fixings! This quick and easy one-pot recipe is a cold weather staple!

Loaded Potato Soup |

This recipe is one we’ve been making for the past 5 years, and I still LOVE it! It was one of the very first savory recipes I posted here on the blog, and it was pinned like crazy! If you’re looking for a quick, easy, filling soup, look no further. It only requires a handful of simple ingredients and takes about an hour to make (most of that time is just waiting for the potatoes to cook).

Loaded Potato Soup |

The thing I really love about this soup is that its thick, cozy and comforting without using heavy cream. Instead, you let the potatoes cook until they’re tender and begin to break down. That way you still have chunks of potato but you also have a nice chowder-like consistency. You can add whole milk or even 2% milk to this soup for added creaminess.

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