My family's favorite mashed potatoes—they're ultra creamy, a little tangy, and you can make them ahead! #Thanksgiving

It’s about time I introduced you to my family’s mashed potato recipe! Meet the only mashed potatoes I ever want to eat. Every Thanksgiving, my mom opens up a 1970s church cookbook called “Thyme to Cook” to make them. They’re called “Refrigerator Potatoes” and the recipe cites three authors, with my great-grandmother Lucille listed third.

I’ve come to call them Lucille’s mashed potatoes, so that’s what I’m calling them today. For several years now, I’ve contemplated how to offer a “Cookie and Kate” version of these mashed potatoes (as in, a healthier version). But why mess with a good thing? We’re talking about a traditional holiday recipe that I enjoy twice a year, on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

potatoes and Lucille

Let me tell you, these mashed potatoes are worth it. Lucille’s mashed potatoes are creamy and dense, tangy and irresistible. They are all of those things. Here’s what they are not: light, fluffy, milky or watery. Lucille’s potatoes are everything that I want mashed potatoes to be! Nothing more and nothing less.

Lucille’s recipe calls for cream cheese and sour cream, rather than milk or cream. The cream cheese helps fortify the mashed potatoes, so they reheat beautifully. That’s why the recipe struck church lady gold—it’s delicious and you can cross the mashed potatoes off your list a day or two in advance.

This year, I decided to share recipe as is, with some of my notes added for clarity. I’ll breakdown the ingredients, too. But first, can I tell you a little bit about my great-grandmother Lucille? She was a special lady. Brilliant, too.

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