Super delicious whole wheat pumpkin pancakes (no one will know that they're healthy)

Happy Sunday! I’m sharing these fluffy whole wheat pumpkin pancakes too late for breakfast this morning, but the recipe has actually been available here since 2010. It’s actually one of my oldest recipes, and one of my favorites for fall.

These pumpkin pancakes taught me that whole grain pancakes can be every bit as tasty and fluffy as pancakes made with regular flour. Bonus? These babies don’t send my blood sugar spiraling out of control like the regular kind.

pumpkin pancake ingredients

This recipe taught me a lot about making pancakes from scratch. It inspired my fluffy vegan pancakes, gingerbread pancakes, and the pancake recipes in my cookbook. I’ve made these pancakes for my family on Thanksgiving morning and they were a big hit.

I never felt like the old photos did these pancakes justice, so I’m sharing the recipe again today. I updated the recipe notes and added nutrition information while I was at it. Pumpkin pancakes for dinner, anyone?

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