This is the best apple crisp and the only recipe you’ll ever need! It’s loaded with tender, spiced apples covered with a crisp, crumbly oat topping.

The Best Apple Crisp |

With Thanksgiving only weeks away, I thought it was about time to start sharing some of my favorite dishes to serve when hosting a big feast! Don’t worry, lots of side dishes are on their way, but today we’re starting with dessert… duh! While I absolutely love pie, I LOOOOVE fruit crisp. Apple crisp has always been a holiday staple in my family. It’s easy, delicious and can feed a crowd. This is one of my favorite recipes because it turns out amazing every time! The apples are soft and tender, the filling is perfectly spiced, and the topping is crisp and crumbly. 10/10 for sure!

The Best Apple Crisp |

To start you’ll want to grab about 5 large apples. When I make any apple dessert, I like to use at least two varieties. It gives the dish a more complex flavor. In today’s recipe I used Granny Smith and Envy apples. Feel free to use your favorites! After peeling them, slice them about 1/4-inch thick. They should all be the same thickness. Sometimes if I’m feeling extra lazy (or in a rush), I’ll grab my mandoline and use that.


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